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Thread: Beware of DOMESTIC RESERVATION OFFICE in Bangkok

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    Default Beware of DOMESTIC RESERVATION OFFICE in Bangkok

    In Thailand we met some very nice people, very helpful and honest. Yet we met just too many people who tried to screw us in any way they could.

    Domestic Reservation Office (D.R.O)
    on 849/59-61 Soi Chulalongkorn 6, Wangmai in Bangkok
    are one of the most extreme examples for abusing us as tourists:

    We went there on Sunday to reserve flight tickets and hotel to Chiang Mai
    The guy who helped us – Chatree – Looked very nice and very helpful.
    This guy over charged us by 50% (!) for our flight tickets and Hotel room, and he didn't even blinked when doing so.
    When we got to "One2Go" desk at the airport and showed them our tickets they were amazed!
    Same happened when we got to the hotel: The people at the front desk in our hotel were shocked when they saw our voucher.

    Just like in any other country, travel agencies get their sales commission from their suppliers (Air-flight Company, hotels etc…)
    Yet, Domestic Reservation Office had overcharged us 50% more on top of the tag price! Why? Only because we trusted them!

    These kinds of people like in Domestic Reservation Office – Travel Agency in Bangkok give a bad reputation for the Thai people!!!
    Avoid them if you can

    And have a good trip for this great country

    Adir Regev

    Great Monuments & Amazing landscape are fun.
    Yet I believe it's the people you meet on our way that make your trip worth a while.

    I explored half the world already, and still, the new people and the new cultures are the true amazing adventures and the most intriguing ones

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    Always check all detail when you book any tour or hotels. Some kind of cheap hotels and tour companies are making fool of their customers.
    Book your trip with only good reputation travel/tour company's.

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    Always check background of them and then ask them to work for you.

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