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Thread: best places to celebrate New Year

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    Default best places to celebrate New Year

    Let me add some best places to celebrate New Year you guys can go for new year eve countdown, new years eve trips, countdown to cruise and other exciting activities with your friends and family members. So here we go
    Sydney, Australia
    Dubai, UAE
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Miami, United States
    Venice, Italy
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    New York, United States
    Paris, France
    Goa, India

    So do let me know where would you like to go?

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    If I talk about myself, then I like to go to Dubai, UAE to enjoy the New Year event there. Actually, my friend recommended this place to me, because last year. He celebrated New Year's Eve with his friends in Dubai. He has collected amazing memories from there and now says that you also try to enjoy New Year's Eve there this year. So I am thinking about it.

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    New Year's Eve in Dubai no doubt sounds interesting but the sad thing is that have never experienced this in my life. I would like to be around this spot and wanna know what exciting you like to recommend me for this. Hope you will share with us.

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