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Thread: 8 Secret Places to Explore in Thailand

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    Default 8 Secret Places to Explore in Thailand

    Must check out the Thailand these glorious secret destinations that are off the hit track but these all are really great to explore and have a lot of fun options for the visitors. I realy hope that it would be really fabulous to you all to explore these.
    1. Lotus Lake
    2. Bo Sang Umbrella Village
    3. Erawan Cascading Waterfalls and Caves
    4. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew—the Temple of a Million Beers
    5. Baanphasawan
    6. Amulet Market
    7. Wat Pha Sorn Kaew or Temple on the Glass Cliff
    8. Wat Samphran Temple
    what say all about it?
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    My name is Zayn and I am thankful to you for sharing the good information about Thailand. In these places I like the Erawan Cascading Waterfalls and Caves because there are best opportunity to explore the nature. When we explore the natural things we feel very comfortable and forget our tensions. Share with me your experience of the Thailand tour.

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