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Thread: Thailand accommodation personal experience.

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    Default Thailand accommodation personal experience.

    Mandarava Resort and Spa is a really nice accommodation. I visited once in my life there but I have great fun there. I enjoyed there its luxury items in food facilities and many more things. In next year my aunt to visit there and I hope she will enjoy its facilities. I would like to suggest you must visit in Thailand and stay once your life in this Resort. After personal experience please share with us. I will wait of cool recipes.
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    I have heard about Mandarava Resort and Spa hotel but I have never visited that hotel but I want to visit there.
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    I like you reply and share you view about you next plan to visit in Mandarava Resort and Spa hotel. I hope you will like this hotel in your travelling life. I wish you spend a good time there like me and my friends. Now I am enjoying my holidays in bus tours usa west coast. After you, personal experience of this hotel must share with me. I will wait of you reply.
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    Mandarava Resort and Spa is a new kind of plce for me, I have never been there in my life till yet and have no idea about this place but it seems to be really interesting to me and so sure about that this will prove full of fun for me to try this place.

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    Mandarava Resort is a one of the bet hotel in Thailand for staying there. I had stayed in this hotel personally one time with my whole family members and enjoy the wonderful facilities of this hotel there. I must say that the hotel serves and food is awesome. I can't forget my those moments which have spent this resort.

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