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Thread: fortunate tellers advice

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    Default fortunate tellers advice

    hello .

    i hear from my friend who visited thailand they said about make
    try to see fortunate teller its nice experiness .

    but for me i need your advice where i can find the best fortunate teller
    in bangkok who is honest and trust i want the area for the turst one
    who is honest also he can use crystal ball .

    its nice to try and i hope from mempers give me good advice
    about the trust one

    thank you

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    hello .. please can any body help me

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    maicheal! I like your sharing post about travelling. I hope I will go Thailand and I want to visit there soon with my mother and I hope I will great fun there and celebrate my mom's birthday there. Can anyone like to share some names of its accommodations name?

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    Good Fortunate tellers advice given. there are really good details.

    day picnic spots delhi | picnic spots
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    Honestly, speaking I have no idea about any fortunate tellers in Thailand. I have make a visit at once but I have not any kind of experience there like this.
    Need to know about corning tour from new york

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