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Thread: Nice Night Sky View of Bangkok

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    Default Nice Night Sky View of Bangkok


    I started taking aerial footages for almost a year. You may get some different perspectives from this footages. I will be on business trip next week to the Eastern part, so please tell me which other footages you would like me to take prior to coming to Thailand.

    Rattanakosin Island
    Chao Phraya River
    West Sathorn CBD

    Apparently, Bangkok night life is not limited to pubs.

    VTC Drone

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    VTCDrone! I checked your shared link, these are very awesome and tremendous. My uncle have been enjoyed there Thailand tour and also had seen the fabulous Night Sky View of Bangkok. He is just love with this view. I also have a wish to see this view with my own eyes.

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    I have seen many countries and city night views, but I like the Bangkok sky view at night is really nice and wonderful in the world. I hope I will again see this in my life. I want to, again and again, visit their ND enjoy its night beauty of sky themes. Now I share an image which I captured in my last tour of Bangkok. I hope you will like.

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    Tomammi! It's really good to see that you have shared here really nice and good kind of image with all of us. I really like this and would really love to try anything like anything like this and so sure about that watching ythis splended night view with my own eyes proved really best for me.

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