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Thread: before going chiang mai

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    Default before going chiang mai

    What are the things to consider before going to chiang mai? Any experience

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    Chiang Mai is a beautiful city of Thailand. I have been visited in this city at once in my life. There are many mountains and this city is mountainous. When I visited there I have great fun because some boys of its city make my friends. They guided me all areas and talk me about all activities of local people. It's city's people is friendly to behave with visitors. I hope you will enjoy in this city.
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    I will suggest to all travelling lovers to have fun with

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    tomammi! You have shared massive information about Chiang Mai. I like your way of sharing. I appreciate you for this. I think this information is enough to take a tour on this place. After reading your post the travelers visit Chiang Mai without any hesitation. I also visit Chiang Mai in the next year.

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    I share some name of its interesting places for your next tour. I hope you will enjoy there. Last year I visited its these points anf have been great fun there. I hope you will enjoy there like me.
    Doi Suthep–Pui National Park
    Doi Suthep
    Wat Lok Moli
    Wat Pra Singh.

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