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Thread: Thailand Tour please help me?

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    Default Thailand Tour please help me?

    I want Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket for 7 days.Please advise where to start the itinerary from.?and which place is in first priority because we have family members in this tour,is these days are enough for these places?
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    Since you are travelling with family, what better place to get things started than at Bangkok itself? Here you can go on sightseeing trips that will take you to popular stopovers in the likes of The National Museum and the Jim Thompson House. You might also want to pick up a few knickknacks at Chatuchak Weekend Market. In terms of lodging, you could consider Anantara Bangkok Riverside before moving onto your nest destination.

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    Arjeet, I think you should start you trip from Pattaya. I don't think so these days are enough for this region's trip. But should go to Pattaya first. This region has a lot of to enjoyment. Here I want to suggest you don't miss to visit Khao Chi Chan there. This spot is very famous around the world for its giant sculptural image.

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    Arjeet first of all you need to search all of your favorite places you want to visit in Thailand, then choose a right route for this which helps you to save time and money. You can use google for collecting all that data for you.

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    corrahunt!really good to see that you have shared really nice names of Thailand places. I really like this and like to say that this stuff will prove really helpful for the members who want to make a visit at Thailand first-time in life.

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