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Thread: Elephant trekking, Phuket

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    Elephant trekking is a really beautiful and adventurous thing in my life. I want to ride again in my life of travel I wish I Will go thailand in next year and enjoy my time there with my few friends maybe my best friend will join us on the trip for holiday enjoyments with all of us...

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    Let me share with you some images of Elephant trekking which my sister has captured there.

    I can never forget my bus trip to niagara falls from boston.
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    This is really good to know about Elephant trekking which is really new thing for me. I really like this and so sure about that I will be really good and nice for me to try something fun filled like this. well, the images are nice by Jason1.

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    Herry! In your life, if you never try anything like this, I mean you never enjoy Elephant trekking. Then I suggest you must enjoy this activity there when you explore this destination again. It is a reality nice experience and interesting activity. am sure when you personally try to do it you must like it.

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