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    I arrived in Chiang Rai from California after a very, very long 2 days of flying. I traveled there for a volunteering opportunity with the International Humanity Foundation (IHF). There I lived in a Children's Home with 11 children, aged 10-18, and other volunteers from around the world. The center was in a quiet part of the city, surrounded by lush, green hills that I loved walking around. All the neighbors were really nice. Smiling was necessary for any walk and sometimes they even stopped you to offer you food or a shot of rice whiskey; be careful, it's powerful stuff, politely declining is always okay.
    At the center, I did local tasks, like cleaning, cooking, and activities with the children; as well as international tasks online. The international tasks mostly consisted of posting information about IHF, which was boring and often frustrating but I also did some writing for the newsletter and worked on local fundraising, which were more interesting. The best part was the children. They were shy at first, which I understood because they see a lot of volunteers come in and out but they warmed up to me, especially the younger ones who like to play games and watch movies on your computer. We would take them to the park or on outings occasionally and that was always fun. I loved going into Chiang Rai city. It seemed a little dirty and crowded at first but once I got used to it, it was easy to manage and quite lovely in parts, like near the river or the gorgeous park full of flowers. The Saturday night walking market was my absolute favorite thing. I know there are bigger markets in other Thai cities but I've heard this one is a little cheaper and the sellers are honest people who charge fair prices. The food was amazing of course, even for a vegetarian! Near the food stalls at the market, there was a big area for dancing. The locals dancing there love when the foreigners try. The steps don't seem hard when you're watching but once you start, it can be a little tricky. If you're lucky, the children might show you a few steps.
    My time in Chiang Rai was really great. Even when my work was driving me crazy, I loved being in that area. I enjoyed the people and children I met and the experiences I had. I'm glad I spent the majority of my trip volunteering in Chiang Rai; it was a great introduction to Thailand.

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    Mueang Chiang Rai is a city in Amphoe Mueang Chiang Rai, Changwat Chiang Rai. 35% tourist who are going to Thailand must visiting Chiang Rai.
    Chiang Rai in northern Thailand is a pretty small town but is surprisingly popular with tourists, both Thai and western. If you are planing to visit Thailand i will requermend spend some days in Chiang Rai city.

    These are some famous and most attractive places of which you can explore during your stay.
    You can visit Wat Phra Kaew,
    the House of Opium
    Mae Sot and Cross the Border into Burma (Myanmar)
    Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park
    Chiang Rai's Night Market

    I was booked my bus columbus to new york for my self and I will go tonight. Summer season is best for Chiang Rai exploring.
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    Arjeet give a complete detail about Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park. I never visited this spot ever. But after reading your post I have decided to go there again and visit this awesome sight. I think it is a nice destination for family trip what you say about it?

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    Chiang Rai is city. I have heard about this. I want to visit this city.

    picnic spots delhi | one day picnic
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    There are many things to do in Chiang Rai with beautiful scenery. Amazing place to visit.

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    where located Chiang Rai which is the most popular tourist place there.
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    Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park is a really nice destination for travelling lovers. i hope I will go there in my future life. According to my aunt, its address is Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai, Thailand. I would like to suggest all of you must visit there ta once in your life.

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    Really good to know about the massive information bout chang rai. I really like 5ghis and like to9make a move at there and so sure about that will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for sure for having great fun at there.

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