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Thread: Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony

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    Default Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony

    Date: February 13 - 15, 2014

    Venue: Pak Meng Beach, Sikao District, Trang

    Trang welcomes visitors from all over the world to participate in and witness the romantic and fantastic wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day. Apart from the registration procedure that takes place underwater, the ceremony also introduces a traditional Thai style wedding to the participants. The ceremony starts with a Khan Mak procession, a colorful and lively parade in which the groom makes his way to ask the bride’s parents for their daughter’s hand, accompanied by folk dances and songs. A religious and blessing ceremony also take place, at which the bride and the groom have to wear traditional Thai costumes.

    Highlight: The procession of brides and grooms parades through the city streets to the traditional Thai wedding ceremony. The spectacular ceremony is complete with the underwater registration procedure in which the brides and grooms are required to be certified divers.

    Contact Details:
    TAT Call Center 1672

    TAT Trang Office
    Tel. +66 7521 5867, +66 7521 1058 , +66 7521 1085

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