Following the trend of electronic music festivals around the world, the Creative Electronic Music and Dance Festival began last year by the Tourism Authority Of Thailand in collaboration with Elite Entertainment and Karon Manicipality. Phuket Electronic Music and Dance festival 2013 on Karon beach in conjunction with Karon beach New Year Countdown 2014 is another exciting event to attend to celebrate New Year 2014 with concept of WINTER WONDERLAND.

This is an effort by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to rebuild tourists confidence and image of Thai tourism through music. Music is the universal language that bridges culture, linguistics and religions. This event is strongly promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in its massive online network.

The 2 day festival will showcase an exciting line up of more than 20 International Domination, winner of the Best Video DJ of the World contest in Dubai 2012, also Pay and White who’s currently the top 10 world chart of Crystal Palace.

This year’s concept is WINTER WONDERLAND, therefore party gore will get a chance to RIDE FERRIS WHEEL and get wild in FOAM PARTY with pretty dancers. This event is not to be missed for sure.

Entrance to the Event is TOTALLY FREE!
Fashion TV, the world’s number One fashion and life style channel, t has invited more than 50 international Fashion models to join the countdown on stage. Highlights of the event will be aired on Fashion TV to MORE than 500 million views around the world. For more information, please contact