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Thread: Bangkok beach?

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    Mike S Unregistered

    Default Bangkok beach?

    Where's the nearest beach to Bangkok - I went to Sri Ratcha once but wasn't impressed. Hua Hin is just a bit too far. Anything better around here?

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    have you ever been to pataya?

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    Please visit this page on for the list of all the beaches near Bangkok and all the beaches in Thailand

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    Default Rayong Beach

    Further down from Bangsan and Pattaya beach, you will see Rayong or Samed. It's about 2 hours from Bangkok. You can dive there as well. The beach is so clean. Nice place to visit.

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    I want to visit Koh Tao in Surat Thani province but cannot find any information on this island. All i know is that the boat goes from Koh Samui

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    William Unregistered

    Default Best islands & beaches

    Its tru, Have a look at!

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    Miss Lis Unregistered

    Exclamation warning !!!

    If you would like to have vacation on nice beach than u should go to Samet island or Chang island. There have many hotel and resort you can choose the best one ,, the beach is so nice and clean ..
    PLEASE DO NOT GO TO CHA-UM there is veryyyyy dirty and poor .. i was there one time , a lot of thai people and very stinky water , no private.
    Pattaya is so BAD solution and a lot of prostitues and bar girl ,a lot mafia then becareful ..
    If you really want to see the best in thailand so u can book ticket and go to Samui, P.P island , Phuket , Kho Lanta .

    Have good trip

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    Bang San is a nice beach just like the one located at costa del sol spain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carel05 View Post
    Bang San is a nice beach just like the one located at costa del sol spain.
    yes looks very good hope I get time to have a good look there and lets see,I am sure to write abt my experience after I go there

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    Default re: hello

    Your right!!! And also an it was an interesting site.... Lots of tourist attractions.

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