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Thread: Motorcycling Chiang Mai Province?

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    Smile Motorcycling Chiang Mai Province?

    Hi, if you happen to be in Thailand and you fancy a motorcyle tour for a week up in the North East of Thailand it'd be great to hear from you. I plan on renting a Honda 250cc in Chiang Mai and then doing the Mai Hong Song Loop. There's so much to see that although the loop can probably be done in three or four days I figure the extra day or two or three will allow more opportunities to take everything in, but I am flexible and adaptable to your plans too. I'd like to start on the 1st August but am willing to wait a day or two if it is more convenient for you.

    This loop is apparently one of the best in Asia! The bike will cost 700-800bahts per day. I plan on buying the helmet and some waterproofs in Chiang Mai where I understand they're relatively cheap to pick up and ride in hiking boots. I plan to stay in reasonable mid-range guesthouses along the way.

    I saw one tour, admittedly 10 days, charging £490 for a similar tour. I figure even in mid to upper range guesthouses it can be done for a lot less - only I won't have a guide and have to work from Maps! Should be fun though!!! And a lot more of an adventure!

    I am thirty-eight, single, and a schoolteacher by trade and travelling solo through thailand for the summer holidays (perk of the job!) If you're interested in joining the trip you can email me at

    I'd also be interested in any tips on what to look out for on journey and any advice from anyone who's undertaken the same trip themselves.

    I should add finally I intend on starting south west from Chiang Mai and then going clockwise aroung to end up at Pai before returning to Chiang Mai.


    Take Care


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    Default Bike trip around Chiang Mai Province

    Hi mark,
    I just come upon your msg and know that you are kind of touring around Chiang Mai Province.
    I will be backpacking with a friend around CM province for 2 weeks in Dec 06and decide to rent a Motorbike in CM city.
    Our Route would be from Chiang Mai-Mae Cheam-Mae Sariang-Mae Hong Son-Pai-Chiang Mai.
    We will be stopping along the way for resting and sightseeing for a few days.

    I would like to find out some informations from you and hope you can help me.
    1) Do i need a motorcycle liscence in order to rent a bike?
    2) What brand and cc bike would you suggest that would be able to carry 2 adults and 2 big backpacks.

    Is there any other useful/important informations that i can find out from you?

    Thank you so much!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    It is very interesting to ride through the Chiang Mai roads while watching the beautiful scenes on the way. We do need license to ride in any country. Because the driving is prohibited for minors. It is necessary to carry a valid license for age verification and personal ID.

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    If you have motorbike license then it is a good idea to explore Chiang Mai. You can enjoy your bike ride along the dirt road and steep mountains.
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