Thailand New Year Celebration

Thailand New Year celebration is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the Thai people. It is also known as the festival of Songkran. Unlike other countries in the world famous New this year in the month of January, the Thai New Year is recognized on the hottest mid April.

You may be wondering how famous local Thai event this time of year. That day, they commemorate the revered Buddha visiting monasteries and offer prayers while extending the benefits they have received alms to monks after feeding them with the food they prepared. They prepare enough for this great event by a thorough cleaning of their home in advance. Thais believe they need to clean and rebuild not only their homes but also and especially themselves. They remove all litter home and bathe Buddha images so they will prosperous year ahead.

Thailand New Year celebration is incomplete without the battle of Big Water. Even motorists and pedestrians are not to be excused quenched in water that day. Water is the symbol for the cleanup and disposal of all the bad things of the past and removes bad luck for the whole year to come. So, you must be blessed if you soaked with water.

Vacationers who witness this celebration really surprised to see how Thai people follow their traditions. Meanwhile, the strong family links clearly expressed by means of giving respect to elders and other family members. You will never feel that you are a tourist here. It is a place that you can feel like you have found your home. Thais are very welcoming and pleasant in every tourist. This is one of the main reasons why travelers choose to spend their vacation in this amazing island.

You will never go wrong in choosing Thailand for your next vacation. Having as if you've found your dream is great! If you plan to visit Thailand, the month in April will be perfect for you. Aside from the weather conditions, you will be able to discover and appreciate proudest Thailand or New Year celebration in Thailand!

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