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Thread: where to travel in SE Asia?

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    Default where to travel in SE Asia?

    I am traveling to southeast Asia for rougly 2 months in June/July 2013. I am flying from Ahmedabad or New Delhi India to Southeast Asia my return flight is to JFK in NY. I am looking for a very deserted beach spot with a chance to backpack/camp on the island for cheap, and world class diving. I like the option to jump between islands and world class healthy coral reefs if at all possible. Ideally a deserted unpopuated island maybe > 100 sq. kms. in an archipelago with very healthy shallow reefs that is walkable. A dive operator is pretty optional i could freedive it doesnt allign with my other priorities. Being near a major airport is nice to make my flights cheaper if possible.

    Thailand is the best choice so far in my research it is very close, it has beautiful beaches and enough islands to find a secluded beach. The negatives i found for Thailand is that it can be crowded, and polluted in alot of the beautiful areas and i dont know all of the isolated islands well enough to coordinate camping, divings, and getting there. Also diving conditions in the andaman side of thailand are too rough to dive their best sites.

    Borneo/Sabah Malaysia is up there in second because it is borneo with great biodiversity and healthy reefs in the celebes sea and world class diving with ideal conditions in Sipadan and the like. The negatives are that it is pretty far away and a little more expensive to fly there and it can get more expensive to dive and i dont know enough about the beaches and islands to really tell what my options are.

    Pennisular Malaysia (perhentian and redang mostly) is way up on my list too because its friendly and easy diving conditions, beautiful islands, and nice to hop between the islands.

    I am very flexible and comfortable in dangerous natural situations compared to normal travelers.I am not very comfortable compared to normal travelers and i will not be able to learn native languages in thailand or malaysia because i am learning hindi already.My experience is camping in caribbean and patagonia i have paddled throughout the BVIs in open water and climbed chlean and argentian patagonia. I can spend money but i would rather be severely uncomfortable over spending money in accomodations, getting around or food. I dont mind natural dangerous spots or horrific weather.

    thanks you very much in advance, i greatly appreciate any help you could offer me at all. I love to answer questions about the few places ive been and i know that this is probobly my best resource thanks again,


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    It is a very nice presentation. I am feeling as if now roaming around traveling destinations. Sabah Malaysia is renowned place and attracts numerous traveler to Asian regions.

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    Thailand is really a tropical escape for that hedonist and the hermit this knight in shining armor and the pauper. Along with among this kissing cousins associated with seashore along with air usually are stunning limestone mountains positioned sentinel.

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    Thank you for share, I like post.
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    I think Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia are the places that are best to explore.

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    i love travel......................

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    If you are finding south east Asia perfect destination on low budget then i will recommend Myanmar is the suit able place for you. Myanmar is full of beauty and natural places. many things to do for entertaining and good experience of new places.
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    You are right Arjeet, Myanmar is an ideal destination to visit in South East Asia. I have been there with my friends to enjoy some adventures activities. Mount jerai, mount nuang, mount tahan and mount pulai are best spots for adventure lovers.

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    That's informative post. That's nice post.

    picnic spots
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