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    Default Sila Evason Hideaway

    Just returned from a week at the Sila Evason Hideaway. Although it's not quite on Chaweng Beach, I thought this would be the most appropriate section.

    Went around a few of the hotels in Samui, but the Evason was definately the best for romantic couples and honeymooners.

    I was also really impressed with the Sala Samui. Cheaper than the Evason, but a great option for those wanting a pool villa.

    The Chaweng Rengent was also a good 4 star option.
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    Sila Evason Hideaway is a beautiful and romantic place. I like it.

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    Sila Evason Hideway is very beautiful place to visit. There you might find some of the best hotels. Where you will get pools and best views of nature. But unfortunately no beaches.

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    The Sila Evason Hideaway Samui is located on a headland on the northern tip of Koh Samui Island, approximately six kilometers from the airport.
    Sila Evason Hideway is great and beautiful place for romantic date and dinner.
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