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Thread: Please read this three healty tips....

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    Default Please read this three healty tips....

    Three Travel Tips: Stay Healthy When You Fly,.,.,.,

    No.1) Take an early flight to minimize your risk of a delay.
    No.2) If your seatmate is sick, ask for a new seat.
    “There is a risk to having spray particles land on you (such as from a sneeze), since they can enter your body if you wipe that area of your skin on your nose or eyes...If you’re sitting next to someone who’s sick, you can ask to be reseated. Several airlines say that if there’s a seat available, they will reseat passengers upon request.”
    No.3) Take echinacea. “To fight off cold and flu germs that might be lurking in the stale air of the jet cabin, start taking the herb echinacea several days before you leave. Three times a day, swallow a teaspoon of a 1:5 tincture made from Echinacea angustifolia root.

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    It is a post good, I like it.
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    These are really an important & useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

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    Important and Helpful tips for fly travel. Everything you need to know to take the pain out of traveling by plane.

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