Phuket town at night..
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Have you ever felt that things are changing fastlythrough time passing? Sometimes it seems so fast that we could notice its change but definitely each old placecould tell its own passing history and memoire of itsincidence.Yaowarat Road, unlike China Town Bangkok, is an old road alongside with the old Phuket town for over a century ago. This road isignificantly showing traces of old Phuket stories through their charming Sino-Portuguese style architecture which was combination of European classic and Chinese-Thai art; identifying artistic unique of old Phuket lifestyle.


Phuket now becomes a popular destination for both Thais and foreigners to visit. Yaowarat Road is located at the middle of town where will be reached easily and conveniently by all directions. With its unique and chaming atmosphere itís no surprise if there will become focused and interested in opening pub & restaurants along the road. When the sunset falls, the road will be covered colorfully and lively by attractive lights and old fashioned decors.

It presently turns to be a popular hang-out place for young people who love easy listening and indy music style. Singers/musicians of restaurants in this area are pretty cool and so good in creating enjoyment atmosphere and entertaining customers; therefore they are deem an important part in bringing success and good marketing.
Friday and Saturday are particular nights where you may observe and meet lot of boys neatly in clothing and girls with beautiful make-up crowded all over in the neighbor of charming old architecture which enhances its atmosphere more attractive and fascinating for visitors.

Story by Sudteeruk Photo by Morgan