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    There's a great series of seminars coming up for folks who want to leave the rat race behind and live in Thailand permanently.

    Thailand is one of the few places in the world that combines hot weather, a variety of delicious food, friendly (and loving) people, excellent (and inexpensive) medical care and the possibily of living a Western lifestyle for about half or a third of the cost of any typical American or British city. And it's safe. There's no graffitti or vandalism or hooliganism and hardly any violence.

    Let us tell you exactly how you can live a better life by moving to Thailand and also how to generate an extra modest income from home so that you can live in luxury.

    Please click here for more details. We're coming to meet potential retirees (or long-term 'winter' visitors) in London October 6-7, Seattle October 20-21 and Los Angeles November 3-4.

    Please contact me if you have questions.
    Gary Orman
    A Better Life, Inc.
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