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Thread: travelling between Bangkok and Koh Samui

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    Default travelling between Bangkok and Koh Samui


    - if i arrive at Bangkok (international flight) at 7:05AM, how much time should i give for my next flight into Koh Samui by the time we offload, pick up our luggage, and re-check in to a different airline to Koh Samui?

    - which is the best airline to take for Koh Samui? safe and reasonable prices?

    Thank you
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    Songserm Rungrueang Co, Ltd operates express boat services from Surat Thani to Ko Samui. The boats depart from Surat Thani daily at 8 a.m. Travelling time is 2.30 hours. One-way fare is 150 baht. A joint ticket for connecting route, Bangkok-Surat Thani-Ko Samui, is available.

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    there are many. you should compare yourself on also consult with some local travel agents.
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    I will suggest not to take advice from single or local travel agents..that would nt be reasonable. You should contact 2 or 3 travel agents and tell them some lie that other travel agent is offering him soome low price. Then the same will give you low price for your travel try this trick will really helpful.
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    I am also intrested to know about it. If you guys have any useful information please share. I hope to get good responses here.

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    Thank you for share. I like it.
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    Go with Thai Airways its Thailand National Airline. When you book your Bangkok ticket make sure check Bangkok to Koh Samui flight schedule first.

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