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    It became an immediate media frenzy after the news hit that critically acclaimed rock band Incubus will be headlining the world-stage at “Silverlake Music Festival 2012.” Organized by Silverlake Entertainment Company Limited at the Silverlake Vinery in Pattaya the concert will take place on Saturday January 28, 2012 from noon until 2.00 am. It’s been seven long years since Incubus performed live in bangkok and both Incubus fans and music fans in general throughout Thailand are ecstatic by Incubus’ return.

    Incubus has earned recognition as a talented rock band that successfully mixes alternative sounds with a touch of pop melody. Lead singer Brandon Boyd’s charm has won over both male and female fans alike and the band has done a solid job of maintaining a strong fan base throughout its 20 year existence. Boyd is also idolized by many of Thailand’s finest rock bands. There is no surprise why rockers of every origin have poured in to get their hands on those tickets.

    There’s been an overwhelming outpouring of interest in the Silverlake Music Festival since the announcement of the addition of Incubus. Once the complete artist lineups from The United States, Europe, Asia, and Thailand is released, the public’s interest is expected to increase. There is little doubt that “Silverlake Music Festival 2012,” with its world-renowned artists and the setting amidst the beauty of Silverlake Vinery in Pattaya, will propel Thailand into the world spotlight.

    Silverlake Entertainment Company Limited has ensured that every detail is attended to in order to guarantee the festival’s success. Tickets are now on sale at every Thai Ticket Major outlet. Please contact 02-262-3456 or for details. All events pass tickets are 1,500 baht (excludes accommodations).

    For more information, please visit us at or or follow us on Twitter:

    More information:

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    well thanks to you for sharing this such a nice info !

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