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Thread: Is there any chance inner Bangkok could get cut off from the airport due to flooding?

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    Default Is there any chance inner Bangkok could get cut off from the airport due to flooding?

    • The Airport Rail Link that runs from Phaya Thai Station and Makkasan Station in inner Bangkok is fully elevated all the way to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
    • There is a network of elevated expressways from inner Bangkok leading to the airport. A short length of the expressway serving the airport is at ground level but well protected, and the rest is elevated.
    • The chances of inner Bangkok being cut off from the airport via Airport Rail Link or road is very remote.

    Useful Contact Numbers:
    TAT Call Center: 1672 (8:00 – 20:00 hrs, everyday)
    Tourist Assistance Center: 02-283-1500 and 02-356-0655
    Tourist Police: 1155
    Suvarnabhumi Airport Call Center: 02-132-1888
    Thai Airways: 02-356-1111
    Bangkok Airways: 02-265-8777
    Air Asia: 02-515-9999
    Nok Air: 1318 or 02-900-9955
    Orient Thai Airlines: 1126
    Airport Rail Link Call Center: 1690
    State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Call Center: 1690
    Transport Co.,Ltd. Hotline: 1490
    (Inter-provincial bus service)
    BTS Call Center 02-617-6000
    MRT Call Center 02-624-5200

    TAT’s official Web site for flooding information:

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    This is interesting stuff that my sister has shared after her us west coast tours and this is impressive for me. Cause I can use it during my travel time to Thailand.

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    Yes, nice stuff shared here, which I also like.

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