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Thread: Shasa resort Koh Samui valuable trip ever!

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    Default Shasa resort Koh Samui valuable trip ever!

    I got a chance to go to Koh Samui once but not the fastest way by plane as others, i played something more ordinary but more amused. We booked a suite for 4 of us and wondered how we could stay together. We never trust any hotel that we would have enough space to lay comfortably but well...whatever mate i did book lol.

    I started leaving Bangkok since 6:00 am by mini van with a group of lovely friend. During the journey on land you could buy some fruits or the famous vegetable of the South, Sator (seasonal plant). We took around 6 hours to Surat Thani province for the ferry to Samui island (by Seatran ferry). The van we had brought could be conveyed by that huge ferry to the island. We spent 1 hour and a half taking some photos before getting on land again. From Raja Pier we took only half an hour (20 min actually) to the hotel. The hotel is located on Lamai beach (called Laem Set area) where is quite private and more calm than Chaweng beach (packed of clubs bars like Kaosan Rd. or Silom Rd. in Bangkok, quite noisy!). Once we arrived the hotel, it was not like i had thought. Right! "wow" what i only said. The hotel's area is not too much wide but it is located on like a hill and yes! wise landscape planning so they got more enough space for 3 swimming pools. Ok it is the time for our suite. Lol again "wow" it was something like visit your friend's house. It was more spacious for 4 people around 120 or 140 sqm something, not sure check out their web. I mean a friend's house, everything you expect to use would be anticipant. They provided functional kitchen with fully equipped (didn't use cause their restaurant would be much easier and better taste) and dining table of course big enough for 6, ipod dock (everywhere has it, no?), big TV, Takamine acoustic guitar if you are a guitarist you exactly know what it is (i don't think other hotels dare to provide it), free wifi (lovely), jacuzzi (a marble jacuzzi i think), spacious balcony (haha we got a private venue for party), 9q refrigerator (ridiculous i got 9q freezer for mini bar, no! comparing to the room size that made sense) and full of drinking water which was free of charge (yeah! we delighted) and another thing but not the last thing, you got washing machines and they are crazy enough to provide you 2 ones for washing and drying separately, these are beyond expectation isn't it? The services were great and met 5 stars standard, not much to talk about the services, just excellent. They have a restaurant called Beyond the sea serving Thai food. We heard that it had been renovated with the new concept of brasserie style, defined as the Siamese brasserie cause they serve Thai cuisine. We tried some local dished and yes their standard taste didn't compromise, they were spicy but tasty (can be less spicy too, on your favorite).

    They got lot of services and facilities you can check them out from their website or my trip posted at
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    I like Koh Samui, Koh Samui beautiful.

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    Yeh, It looks a very beautiful place in the pictures. I am sure there must be more beauty than the pictures in realty. It is very attractive place.

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    Great view and nice advice. I never been there before, But now I am planing to take a trip to Koh Samui on my next summer, I am sure it will be nice journey for me. Anyone should recommend any tip for me.

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    Shasa resort Koh Samui is no doubt an ideal destination for its travelers. My brother had been there one month ago with his beloved wife and found it so comfortable. It is really famous resort because of its good services, valuable deals and management. I will also like to go there as soon as possible.
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    mechanic! Really good to see that you have shared here really nice and massive information about Shasta resort Koh Samui. I really like this and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for having great fun at the for sure.
    1000 islands bus tour package good for having fun.

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    mechanic!!! well done dude what an effort from your side. I like this and after this would like to say keep sharing with all this kind of stuff again. Being a traveler I really like this kind of stuff and have noted this too.

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    I am going to agree with all of you. mechanic! Shared such great information and images about this place through his post. I also read his post and get nice kind of stuff. I really like the shared images. After seeing these images, I am sure the travelers could explore this place one time.

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