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Thread: Five Tips for Visiting Temples in Thailand

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    It is in our culture that we should respect each and every religion. While going to temples we should be in proper clothes. Thailand is full of temples which shows their cultural and religious beliefs.
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    Nice tips for the gone to the temple in Thailand when i am going to the temple i remember these all tips in my mind and implement on these tips specially when you go to the the temple you must remove sun glasses because its against the law of the temple...
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    cambodiatours! These suggestions are very helpful for travelers especially for those who are going to visit these Temples first time. I also never have been to Thailand but here to learn about attractions and thing to do in there. I found this thread very informative. Now! I must follow these tips; if I ever get a chance to visit the Temples in Thailand.
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    I agreed with jacky, these tips are really helpful for all readers. I have been visited Thai temples many times but never know about these tips before. After visiting this thread I got a lot of new ideas and tips about a temple's trip. I must follow these instructions if I have again chance to visit temples.

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