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Thread: where to stay?

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    tizalee! Would you like to share some more information about Bangkok attractions and Khao Sok National Park. I am interested to visit Thailand after my los angeles grand canyon tour with my office e colleagues and want to visit all its beautiful places. So let me know about things to do there.
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    Thailand is very nice country. I have visited there three times but I don't understand which is the famous place in Thailand.
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    Thailand is a really nice place and I visited many them in my life. But now I have a plan after my this tour bus tour boston to washington dc I hope I will great enjoy in Thailand again. It has many places, but I agreed with you rajedrprfd! It has no just one place famous ita has many attractions nd accommodation which is famous.
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    If you are considering visiting Thailand often, the benefits of buying property here instead of renting are many. No matter where you live, buying or building your own home is something most all of us aspire to. In most countries worldwide there are numerous advantages to purchasing a home rather than renting. I have a great fully furnished condo in Phuket (here are the pics - where my brother will be staying, but spend all my time in the United States and this is the only reason why I'll be this time back to renting something in Bangkok. If I was to retire full time here in Thailand and given that I already have property, I think it would be a good idea to sell my house in the USA.

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    I have also planned to visit Thailand tour after two months.
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