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Thread: where to stay?

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    Cool where to stay?

    The family has planned to travel to thailand 2 months after. But we don't have any idea where to stay during our trip. We are about of 12 people..any suggestions are welcome, thanks
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    I am Earning living LA, USA and I would like to make a fewer suggestions here. There might be a number of Lodges or accommodations available in Thailand, but, I would like you to recommend Karen Hill Tribe Lodge, situated near Chiang Mai, Thailand. One of my friends had stayed at that Lodge along with his family and his words of appreciations about that lodge made me suggest you.
    The meal served was fantastic and so were the people around the place lodge.
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    I just came back from Thailand and stayed in a really beautiful apartment hotel not very far from the beach in Bangkok. The view from the hotel was amazing and the staff super friendly, I think having the right accomodation is definately an important aspect of having a good holiday! I am thinking of going around Mae Hong Son, apparently the view of the mountains is incredible. Do you know of any good accomodation around that region? Thanks
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    Try to research in the internet some hotel in Thailand where it is near to your destination. There are several Thailand hotel sites online. You can try look it in local listings of google.

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    I think you have to stay at phuket that is really nice place of thailand.

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    Thailand is a beautiful place for traveler destination. But as you are asking where to stay you will get anonymous replies until you specify the destinations within Thailand, hopefully I can help you with your staying, if you're looking for hotels within specific destination.

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    I hope you have a great trip to Thailand. I suggest you should consult Thailand's tourism for information on places worthy of visit. Also check out Bangkok's beaches for refreshment.

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    One of my friend visited thailand last year and she stayed in Dusit Thani Hotel. Don't have that much knowledge about that but you may make an attempt...

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    Thailand is a is a scenic and gorgeous place to visit. Try to stay some of the best luxury hotels in Thailand.

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    The Thailand is the best place to stay while your going with your family. The hotels are really luxurious and looks beautiful.
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