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Thread: Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!

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    Default Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!

    I had always looked at the TAT brochures and picture postcards and drawn the conclusion that Chiang Mai was nestled in the hills and had a temperate climate all year round. Not! I just came back to Bangkok after a two week break and I have to report that it was hot as hell up there! I was staying at a resort and we ended up having three bungalows – the air-conditioning in the first two packed up because they couldn’t handle the heat! How about that! It was pretty intense! If you get up early and get up Doi Suthep or Doi Intanon it’s completely different – crisp and clear, fresh… lovely, So, if you are venturing up to Chiang Mai this time of year, either get up the mountains as quickly as possible or find somewhere to stay with the biggest a/c unit you can find!


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    Really good to see that you have shared here your experience here, I really like this and like to make a visit to Thailand after completing ,my 1000 Islands bus tour and so sure about that it would be really good and bn nice for me to be there.

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