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Thread: Chiang Mai Art & Cultural Festival 2006

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    Talking Chiang Mai Art & Cultural Festival 2006

    Visit Chiang Mai Art & Cultural Festival 2006, April 1-9,2006 at Three King Monument and Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Centre...Meet Lanna traditional performance, Symphonic Orchestra,Local musical concert, Reproduction of His Majesty the King’s Paintings Exhibitions ,Lanna puppet Show and etc...More information ask TAT.Chiang Mai or 1672

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    Default meet ancient thai new year traditional preservation

    at the School of Lanna Wisdom to play Songkran in the old day

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    If you want to know about Thailand culture then you have to attend Thailand culture festival's.
    Bo Sang Umbrella Fair & Sankamphaeng Handicrafts Festival. Almost everyone within the small village of Bo Sang, close to Chiang Mai is concerned in creating gaily painted paper umbrellas. The annual honest, command on the most street options contests, exhibitions, processions with athletics women holding umbrellas and handicraft stalls.
    Bo Sang Village, Chiang Mai
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    Hi everybody, Thailand is the most beautiful place to go for holidays tour.
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    The Thailand culture festival's. is a really nice act in the Thailand. I want to visit there again and enjoy this eve in my life. Each year over 40,000 visitors packs the square to enjoy Thai food, music, dance, martial arts, and fashion. Thai Culture and Food Festival at Federation Square held in March. The festival is now one of the largest multicultural festivals. I would like to suggest you must enjoy this festival at once in your life now I am enjoying my Bus tours from new york.

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