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Thread: Are you eco-tourist? Here are some places we recommended.

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    Lightbulb Are you eco-tourist? Here are some places we recommended.

    If you are a nature lover and love outdoor activities, you likely become an eco-tourist. Here are some places to recommend for those who consider themselves as eco-tourists.

    Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island) in Phuket: 10 Minutes from Phuket downtown to Laem Hin pier, then take a long-tail boat to the island (takes about 10 minutes).

    Baan Pha Mon in Chiang Mai: close to the slopes of Doi Inthanon. There you can learn how to plant a wide variety of fruits, vegetables also rice. Homestay type

    The Organic Agriculture Project at Sukhothai Airport in Sukhothai: The Farm sits in the heart of Sukhothai. 3 guided tours are offered year-round. On the three-day tour, the visitor works alongside farmers, planting or harvesting rice. The Farm provides protective boots and clothing. (more information please visit

    Mae Kampong in Chiang Mai: Learn how to grow organically plants such as coffee beans, miang (a plant used in a fermented snack popular with northerners).

    More activities and places for eco-tourism in Thailand, please visit

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    The places you suggested are interesting.I like Baan Pha Mon and would like to visit.
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    I have heared on Koh Maphrao from one of my friends...

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    The places you suggested are interesting.
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    I think is best place:Baan Pha Mon in Chiang Mai!

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    The information you shared is a great help to me as I am looking forward to travel Thailand this year and want to see beautiful scenery also. I will definitely look forward to the places. I have heard so much about the places in Thailand and I am so much excited for the trip.
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    Mae Kampong
    The picturesque Northern Thai village of Mae Kampong is located only 50 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. Nestled on a hillside, 1300 meters above sea level and surrounded by pristine forest, Mae Kampong has a cool and pleasant climate.

    A small stream meanders through the village. Water flowing gently past the typical wooden houses creates an enchanting atmosphere, in particular during the quiet of evening.

    Experience warm Northern Thai hospitality in a home stay; trek through pristine forest and help your hosts to pick tea; learn about local crafts; marvel at the hydro-energy project.

    Activities in home communities Maekampong. Visitors will have the participation that. Is interesting as well. It will include travel. View of community life. See store tea mueang making food wrapped in leaves of a herbal coffee, which is the main occupation of villagers. If tourists want to see the dance show. Or indigenous music. Can be done as well. As well as in the morning. Merits will be put. With home owners also.

    Natural resources in tourism. Within the village still has. "Waterfall Maekampong" a river flows are high throughout the year 7 class together on the floor 7 is able to play trough water but it also has walking trails, natural forest education. Both near and long term. The remote will be able to walk up. "Doi Simon million" high peak 1,700 meters above sea level on good weather. Can have both views is 3 Chiangmai Lamphun and Lampang provinces.

    Outside of the top mountain Simon million still pine garden and courtyard garden grandma King of the Protection of the forest. Which can spread the tent camp. Virtual environments have mountain top. And it is interesting. In winter about. December to January. Phaya from tiger or Sakura from Thailand. Pink flower will bloom more beautifully sheer.

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    Many place but i just hear about the one place that is Baan Pha Mon because its very popular among the tourist and many peoples which is like the Thailand
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    I visited many times in Thailand and I have no information about Baan Pha Mon. I visiting many places of Thailand and I know it has many attractions, but I have never heard this name in my travelling life. I hope you will briefly describe me about this name. I will wait of you reply Arjeet!

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