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    Hi All,

    Parental advice needed. Was wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have 2 luxury apartments in Phuket that I rent out for short stay vacations. I don't have children so I am not sure what items I should provide for young children or babies. Cots, high chairs, play areas etc.

    Could anyone advise me on what I could purchase to make our apartments the best possible experience for parents, children and babies?

    This is the website for our apartments:

    I am a resident of Tokyo (so I can buy things in Japan) but was thinking of buying items from this site in Australia.

    I was thinking of buying a travel cot, but have no idea which one to choose. Also, maybe a high chair? And possibly a Portacot - Graco Pack N Play SPORT which is a kind of play area thing that can be taken to the beach or outdoors.

    Also a friend mentioned it may be a good idea to get some kind of covers for electrical sockets.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    All the best,

    Sascha Hewitt

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    Please explain how that itinerary will work well for a trip with young kids. I also specifically asked for ideas that excluded the big cities as they won't suit a 2-year old.

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    It is very nice to travel with kids. It is only one in a year that we travel with kids and it is amazing experience. This time I am traveling with kids to Disney Land and I am very excited just like my kids to go to Disney Land. We are going to have lot of fund during this vacation and have already packed our bags.

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    Travelling with children is always great. This is the best experince that your children can have. They can learn new things, customes, languages, culture, etc. Most of all a great time with family.
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    Thank you for share. I like post.
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    Thanks for your review. We also want visiting Phuket with a toddler (2.5 years). At what beach should we stay in order to enjoy sea to the fullest, while staying close to the civilization? Thanks in advance.
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    Traveling with kids is a great experience we think for there entertainment and choose the spots like parks, shows regarding to kids, water parks, games club, funfair and many other things that will make them have fun and so do we. This could be only possible when we are traveling with kids else we adults rarely move to this spots when go for the vacations.

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    Make some special area for kids where they can play Install some interesting games and toys.

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