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Thread: Tour N.E Thailand - Chiang rai

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    Default Tour N.E Thailand - Chiang rai

    We enjoyed thoroughly the 9 days tour of NW Thailand we had last December. We covered Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Doa, Pai, MHS, Mae Surin NP, Ob Luang NP, Doi Inthanon NP and off course CM.
    We are planning another visit this December. This time we would like to cover the NE part of it. Namely around Chiangrai for about 8-10 days. Which are the so called non touristy places that you would recommend? Some places in mind are - Doi Tung, Mae salong, Pu Chee Fah, Doi Pah Tang, Doi Hua Mae Kham. You can email to me at Thanks.



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    Thumbs up Doi Luang National Park

    I recommend you at Doi Luang National Park are the Sandstone Park of Thailand.
    It's new destination for adventure traveler. Doi Luang national park is lying in three provinces: Chaing Rai, Phayao and Lam Pang. It became the 61th national park of Thailand on the 16th May 1990. Covering an area of about 1,170 square kilometers, its mountains are the watershed areas for Wang and Loa rivers.

    Get more information about map and information about Doi Luang National Park
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    Default visa for canada

    I would like to recommend one and only one place of Thailand,If you visit there once,then it would be an unforgettable tour of your life.Pattaya,that's the place,it's the great place to visit ever and there are several attractions to see.In other words,we can say,it's the pride of Thailand.
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    Most of the parks in Thailand are superb but in my point of view when i was visit the Thai Doi Luang National Park is much famous in the tourist..
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    I have never visited Thailand so I also strong desire to visit there. I also want to good tips about Thailand.

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