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Thread: Thailand with children

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    Default Thailand with children

    My husband, children and I just got back from our holiday in Thailand. We spent a week four days in Bangkok (hectic but fun), a week on Samuii - submlime heaven, we then went up to Chiang Mai for three days Pai for two days (I wish we'd stayed longer) and returned to Bangkok via a night in Sukothai.

    We had a fabulous time and hope to be able to go again soon. My senses are still stinging from the feast they have had and our chilren are filling their scrap books with happy memories.

    If you are thinking of Thailand with kids, do not hesitate. If you are worried about health and that, we found some great advice at (google finds them) and we found nothing but helpful people where ever we went.

    I can't wait to book my next trip, we shall definately fit more time in at Pai, and I'd like to see Kho Samet as I have heard great things about the island.

    Oh and if anyone is going through Sukhothai, I'd recommend you take a look at Lotus Village Guesthouse, Honestly we paid a lot more money for accommodation that didn't come close to Lotus Village, real nice people too.

    Thailand is definately for my family.

    Happy travels


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    Arrow Kids' World TK Park Bangkok -Thailand

    Thailand knowledge Park or everybody knows is TK Park situated at Floor 6, the Central World Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. The TK Park this idea of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand about “A lively library”.

    Tk Park

    You will interested about modern Library and located at shopping Center.

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    Thanks a lot for your information.I was also planning to visit Thailand for spending my holidays & i think your information will help me a lot in my trip.Please can you suggest me some of the beautiful places to visit in Thailand.
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    Thailand is a best attractive country in the Asia.I think it is the best trip for family.I am planning to travel Thailand with family.


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    I like Thailand and i want to travel here.

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    I like post.

    Vietnam travel guide

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    Thailand is a wonderful place to visit. The natural beauty and beaches attracts visitors. Basically, travel is a major source of economy for Thailand. And hence Thai government always bring new concepts to attract foreigners and keep city clean so that their small vendors will get economy from foreigners.
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    No wonder that you are still in the memories of that journey. The place is really beautiful. You are very lucky that you have visited there. I got my trip canceled twice in the past because of some family problems. But you have shared your experience with us and it give me a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

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    Thailand is best for the family vacation, kids will surely not get better place then this to have fun and enjoy.
    I can say it because last year only we had trip to Thailand with kids and it was one of the memorable trip of my life.

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    Thailand is one of the most family friendly holiday destinations in the world. Bangkok is filled with great places where kids can enjoy and learn about Thai culture. You can visit Zoos and Animal Parks.

    I always booked online my durham to new york bus whenever i want to go.
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