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    Default Night Safari

    I heard from the news that there will be a night safari open in Chiangmai soon. who knows when it will open? where is it? Any information will be helpful.


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    Default Chiang Mai August-October 2006


    The Chiang Mai August-October 2006 was opened

    Modelled after a similar attraction in Singapore, this brand new park is part of a huge multi-million baht plan to increase Chiang Mai's attraction to tourists. The concept of the park is to provide visitors with a thrilling experience to simulate being out in the wilderness at night. Although the park was originally intended to have three different sections, only two are operational at the moment. The "Savannah Safari" consists of herbivores and other prey animals while the "Predator Prowl" takes visitors through an environment populated by lions, tigers and bears.
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    Yes this is true. Raverse the exciting Thailand’s initial night campaign within the 50-seat outdoors tram to satisfy elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, Asiatic black bears, tigers, hyenas, crocodiles, and plenty of a lot of. several activities square measure lined up, particularly if you're able to have a right away contact with the animals, together with bathing elephants, feeding even-toed ungulate and perissodactyl horn.
    It is terribly straightforward to induce there by going on Huai Kaew Road and switch left into main road no. 121 towards Amphoe suspend Dong for concerning ten kilometres then flip right and continue for different a pair of kilometres.


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