Cabaret is transvestite; someone who enjoy dressing to like a person of the opposite sex. It has become a recommended tourist and contributed to the successful growth of Pattaya. Tiffany’s show is one of the Pattaya’s most famous transvestite cabaret shows. Many people enjoyed and excited with performances. However, in my opinion, there are three reasons to tell about cabaret show.
First, Cabaret show makes Pattaya get income. The cabaret show is attractive to visitors who come as tourists because the cabaret established their own domain in Pattaya with a unique style to become the most original transvestite cabaret in Thailand.
Second, Cabaret show makes entertainers get career, they get income from their show. However, someone gets income from selling their body for money, which it’s not suitable and becomes negative image.
Finally, Cabaret show has a chance to do something. Cabaret makes social accepts and understands their more. They have freedom of expression, which they want to do. Someone is sex. However, someone is good of expression. They establish their reputation to Pattaya. They are proud their expression, which make people to happy.
In conclusion, Cabaret show is more than other’s show. It is interesting performance and enjoy with marvelous, talent and beautiful of performers. Therefore, there are many people get advantages from it.
What is the attraction of cabaret show that makes many people enjoy with it?
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