Bangkok is capital of Thailand. It is a beautiful and interested place. In my view, I have two reasons to support about Bangkok at night.
First , Bangkok at night is attractive to tourist because it has a lot of traveling place such as Saphan Poot and Khow san road. Saphan Poot is the most famous market at night , there is an enormous selection all sorts of wears and produce is sold , such as clothing , shoes , jeans. Khow san road has hotels for foreigners and you can get impressive service and cheap price. There is a lot of bars for relaxing and you get entertainment. When you hungry, you can find food on a street road such as pat Thai, omelet and fried rice. If you want to eat tom yum kung you can go to the restaurant. When you come Bangkok at night in New Year Eve’s celebrate you see colorful fireworks and you get lovely atmospheres.
Finally, when you get on a bus or taxi, criminal is pick pocket and assault you. However, Bangkok is safety more than our country.
Conclusion, I wish that you get impressive view and happy after you travel in Bangkok, but it is dangerous for you. If you do not be careful or you walk, alone you should go with your friend or your parent.Thanks for your comment.