SCAMS....Be prepared to be RIPPED OFF if a motorbike ridder drives up beside you as you walk down a Samui street - especially in Chaweng or Lamai.

They usually open with "Hello, you speak English ?" or "You speak German" or whatever depending on your appearance.

They are usually English or European - although they seem to be training a few locals lately. They are neatly dressed and speak well. They will attempt to start a conversation anyway they can. And the good nature of tourists usually means they will get a friendly reply.

BEWARE - they are setting you up and will make money from you in the process. They make their living from this practice so you can see it coming out off your pocket.

They usually work in teams. There may be another bike watching you from a distance. Often it drives past and parks 30-40 metres up the road and watches in the rear view mirror or sits across on the other side of the road. There may be a pillion passenger on one or both bikes.

These parasites only want your money. Tell them to get lost - you know what they're up to.