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Thread: Is this usual?

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    Default Is this usual?

    A couple of years ago my wife (Thai) did something I haven't seen since. There was a sudden and violent rainstorm; lightening, thunder, the works. Rather than closing windows, etc. to stop the rain coming in, my wife ran to the kitchen, got a banana, and, braving the onslaught, ran to the front gate and placed the banana at the front of the house. She was drenched to the skin and calmly ran back inside, dried herself off and sat down. I have to admit I was somewhat bewildered and asked innocently "What on earth were you doing?? My wife turned to me and gave me this incredulous look that suggested I'd asked the one of the most stupid questions she had ever heard. "I was putting a banana at the front of the house so the gods think animals live here instead of humans, of course," she told me. Now after a few years in Thailand, I pride myself on knowing a few things about the country and its people. But during all the years I have been here, I have never seen anyone else doing this or ever met anyone who knew anything about this practice (I have asked lots of people along the way). So, I would like this forum to put my mind at ease: Is this common practice in Thailand or is this just something my wife came up with of her own accord?

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    Default Fish Flippin'

    Never heard of that one... although I know a lot of Thais don't flip a fish over when they are done eating one side to eat the other. The remove the spine and then continue eating.

    This comes from fishermen who believe it's like flipping your boat over to flip over the fish.

    Thais also pay respects to the animals in the Chinese zodiac at the temple during Songkran by pouring water on them (as the do with the Buddha images too) so they will have good relations with people born in those years.

    I have heard that superstitious Thais believe that those big geckos they call "too-kair" are the voices of ghosts. However, if a "jing-joke" gecko in your house starts to 'sing' as you are going out you should not leave the house because it is warning you and if you go out some misfortune will happen to you.

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    Default Banana leaves

    Nope, never heard of that one either - I know that they use banana leaves in one of their celebrations, the Loy Kratong, so the banana is obviously important to their culture.
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    I never heard about this act before it. Its new for me. May be it's a cultural activity of some special families.
    Ask you wife about it in detail if she don't know then ask your mother in law she must know this.
    Thailand culture have a lot thing which peoples are not following now. IF you get your answer please share here.
    It would be helpful for Thailand's visitors knowledge and Thai cultural seeking person.

    Now i am just going in bus from indianapolis to new york

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    I agree with you guys, never heard all that stuff before. It's obviously their cultural activities like don't flipping the fish or this putting a banana at doors. I don't think there's anything belongs to the reality with these acts.

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