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Thread: Flea Market larger than Chatuchak!

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    Arjeet !You shared very nice information about Bangkok markets. This information is very useful for the shopping lovers. When I visited Bangkok, then I visited Chatuchak Market that was great market every type of things are available there. Have you visited all these markets?

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    Arjeet! Your market place names are really helpful for my aunt. She loves shopping in her tour. Now she has the plan to visit in Thailand next year. Now I tell some market name which you share with us. I hope She will enjoy and shopping these markets and remember my suggestions in Thailand.

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    Arjeet! I really like you all shared names of markets of Bangkok. You have shared great names list of the market. I really like the Chatuchak Market name. Now I am wanna to know about this market in detail. I mean which kinds of things we could but there and other things. I will wait for your next reply.
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