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Thread: NEW!! Scuba diving instructor internships / training courses in Pattaya

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    Default NEW!! Scuba diving instructor internships / training courses in Pattaya

    Enroll in the New PADI Instructor Training All-inclusive Scuba Diving Instructor Internship Program and Get a Guaranteed Job!

    Join Us in the Paradise of Pattaya, Thailand. You'll Get New Equipment, Full Accommodations and All Your Books & Study Aids

    We're please to announce the launch of a new, all-inclusive scuba diving instructor and divemaster internship program in Pattaya. PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING -- offers instructor, dive master, technical diving and Master Scuba Diver courses that are unique in the marketplace. They're unique becasue, unlike other training courses, PADI Instructor Training offers a GUARANTEED JOB to instructor interns before training is even complete!

    PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, operated by Aquanauts Dive Centre -- Pattaya's largest PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center and the region's only British-owned and operated training center -- can take you from non-diver or other certification to instructor in six months or less. Your comprehensive packages includes a full set of brand new, name-brand equipment including a Suunto dive computer, up to six months luxury accommodations, all books & study aids, all PADI certification and testing fees, airport transportation and more.

    Finally, after four months or less of training, you'll be given a 10,000 baht monthly salary and 10% commission on every course, dive trip or piece of equipment you sell. Guaranteed in writing! No one else can make that offer.

    Come read about Pattaya and how great the living is there on our website and check out the full details of our internship programs and guaranteed job. Then contact us -- toll free from the US and via freephone from the UK -- or use our online booking form.

    Good diving to you!

    PADI Instructor Training

    <a href="">AQUANAUTS DIVE CENTRE Pattaya Thailand Scuba Diving Courses & Technical Dive Training</a><br>
    <a href="">PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING THAILAND Pattaya Scuba Diving Instructor Internships Course & Employment Program</A>
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