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Thread: Shopping at HadYai

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    Default Shopping at HadYai

    I enjoyed shopping at Hadyai. Especially, I went to free market where you could find everything there. Food, Clothes, Electronics, and gifts. You need to bargain for the good price.

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    Default Safe to go?

    Is it safe to travel to Hadyai? I saw the news of the South of Thailand. It was terrible.

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    Hat Yai is safe for all tourist and have a good market for shopping. Hat Yai features a central market where locals can buy everything from groceries and all other things of need. Tourist can buy toys, Thai Cloth, Thai traditional hand made stuff and gifts for their family and friends.
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    I always enjoyed my shopping at Hat Yai. It is an ideal place for shopping in Thailand as well as around the world. It is one of the most visited shopping places in Thailand among teenagers. It is located near the Prince of Songkhla University. You can find everything under the one roof.

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    In addition to the shopping venues listed below, there are often locally produced handicrafts available at central markets, the occasional night market, and from village workshops in smaller towns throughout the province.

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