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Thread: Shopping in Tha Sadet Market ;)

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    Thumbs up Shopping in Tha Sadet Market ;)

    Hi, Just wanna share some shopping tips from my personal experience at Tha Sadet Martket
    1. Don't immediately buy from the first shop you saw, even if you think it's great me, there will be more shops offering the exact same merchandises at very competitive rate waiting inside the deep section in the market. Take your time when shopping, then you will get more for your money Those shops close to the market's entrance just taking advantage of their location.
    2. ALWAYS watch your back, secure your pocket/ purse. The market was known as "pick-pocket" site.
    3. Check your goods before AND after make payment, otherwise, you may ended up buying fan with a big HOLE in the middle (like me... )
    4. If you have time, you can check price on each store before make final decision to purchase... well, this is fun for anyone who love shopping. But it may seems like waste of time for those who dont want to bother, goods here aren't expensive stuffs anyway. So it's your choice....
    5. If you get a chance to cross over to Lao's border, where there are a big duty free shops known for liquor and cigarette, you can find exact same merchandises offering in Tha Sadet market at about 20-30% cheaper. Oh, for ladies, brand name purses in this Lao's duty free are all fake.... kinda surprise for me to see fake sold in duty free

    Well, these are what I can think of. I hope there will be more tips add to the thread soon so I can use it when I go there next time. It's always fun to go there

    Enjoy the trip!

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    Lightbulb Thra Sadet Market

    I has to been to Thra Sadet Market about 2 year ago, When I come to Thra Sadet Market I don't forget to eat Vietnam food at K. Dang restaurant near the market. The market has many kinds of product from Hongkong and china.

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