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Thread: Phanom Rung is amazing

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    Default Phanom Rung is amazing

    I went to this temple complex last year and it is really awesome.

    It's so reminiscent of an Incan of Mayan temple. It's an ancient temple on a large hill and it's got a long plaza running out from the temple on the east and west sides and when you're standing at one end you can see all the way through to the other side where the sun rises and sets. I was lucky enough to be there just before sun set and see it. It is really a temple dedicated to sun worship or at least the builders had it in mind to pay their respects to the sun.

    If you are not keen on braving Cambodia I would suggest this place as an alternative. It really makes you feel a sense of history- it just oozes ancient culture. Really cool.

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    I was there 13 years ago. It's awesome :-) I also liked the part that the buildings were built according to the way sun rises and sets. The atmosphere is thrilling.

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    Default Wat Phanom Rung

    Besides Phimai near Khorat, it is maybe the most amazing sight in the whole of the Isaan region. Well worth driving all the way there "just" to see it.

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    Prasaat Phanom Rung and Muang cap ar placed in Buriram.
    Prasaat Phanom Rung is one among the foremost important Khmer monuments in Thailand. it had been inbuilt the 10th-13th century A.D. Phanom Rung was a Hindu Saivite (Shiva) religious residence. Sculptures additionally gift pictures of Vishnu. A processional approach leads through Naga bridges to the most sanctuary. Lintels, pediments depict the Hindu Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, with additionally scenes of the Sanskrit literature. the foremost famed beam (Vishnu Anantasayin) depicts Vishnu reclining on the rear of the Naga King Ananta. This beam disappeared for several years outside the country, however was recently came back.
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