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09-02-2016, 07:33 AM
Hello Every One, I am new member of this forum and join now this community.

09-22-2016, 08:49 AM
manojkeshwar! It is really good to see that you have recently joined this forum Being a member of this forum would like to say welcome here and so sure about that it would be really good for you to be a part of this forum. so best of luck for your good participation.

05-05-2021, 04:15 PM
Maybe someone can advise a country or service where you can fly and see a beautiful place.

07-14-2021, 06:42 AM
I remained a pedestrian for a month. He took my license in translation. This is not a big problem that I will go on vacation without a driver's license

09-09-2022, 12:01 PM
Which country is the most positive for you?

09-09-2022, 12:03 PM
Hi! I am very glad to see you here; I hope to see you here for a long time and only with a positive attitude, although everything It all depends on the country where you will be. Personally, I felt just great being in Bali, and just awful and disgusting being in Belgium. I really don't know why. Probably, the fact is that I like warm and sunny countries much more. Moreover, I was also in Brussels in October. Do you think it's worth giving Belgium another chance? This time I will even fly to business class (https://travelbusinessclass.com/) to get a good mood on the flight.