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02-19-2013, 01:55 PM
A trip to discover the floating market tour of Thailand though not too "hot", but also to give visitors unforgettable feelings about the country quite "cool hand" smokeless industry.

If you have more to Thailand, visit the online attractions in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket ... with this kind of urban tourism, shopping tourism, sightseeing, sea, tourism, combining different types of entertainment you try to change the air with the famous floating market in Ratchaburi province.
With models floating market Ratchaburi, the Thai tourism business laid out a "dish", though not the main dish on the menu the Thai tourism industry, but is strange dishes, have the ability to create excitement for visitors.

Ratchaburi Bangkok 100km away. To keep up to participate in the activities of the floating market and avoid traffic jams in the center Bongkok, customers should enlist wake up early, have breakfast until about 6:30 can be derived. Approximately one-half hours, you'll get there. Famous floating market of land planted fruit trees in Ratchaburi province.

Here is the same scene in the southwest provinces of Vietnam, as well as the garden, the cool rivers. Along the river are pretty solid house. In particular, these households have very good travel sense, they always keep their house clean and decent, never happened litter into the river.

Also on the river, cargo boat crew, who put hold back, the air was crowded and fun.
But this is the river of people living normal, the tourists visit the floating market is about two kilometers of the river.

To visit the floating market, guests can rent boats. Capacity of each boat up to 6 people, and boats can accommodate up to 10 people.
Shopping on the River
Tourists should choose the type of boat she, she rowed by hand would be much more pleasant than the boat fuss stirred river.


The people living around this area in the habit of trading in commodity exchange focused on boats. this is exciting opportunity for you to explore the customs and life style new shopping in your country.

Market time on the river mainly took place in the morning, busiest from about 7:30 to 10:30. Most products are daily necessities such as meat, shrimp, fish, fruit ...

To serve travelers, the tourism industry in this floating market institutions rather regulated, from a team of rowing boat, sailing, until the sales clerk handicrafts, cuisine ...

Try one floating market in Ratchaburi, you will suddenly find memory recollection and familiar atmosphere in Phong Dien floating markets, Cai Rang ... of the South. And also there to see the types of excursions floating market our cultural depth, but less attractive and less dynamic than you in the planning stage model tourist attractions.

03-25-2014, 05:43 AM
Its my first experience that the floating market in the Thailand its good and very attractive market for the visitor of the Thai all the things is sale under the boat which is amazing for me..enjoy the shopping with the river..