It is sometimes very interesting, or even necessary for a foreign national, in a host country, who would like to travel regularly outside this host country, to have a multiple-entry visa. Indeed, it is a visa that allows you several times over limited periods to momentarily leave your host country with a defined range of allowed entry differences. Period and beach that are functions of each country and also the type of visa.

The tourist visa with multiple entries in Thailand, is without nationality restriction, granted to any foreign traveler, for a period of 6 months for a maximum of 60 days per entry. This visa may be requested from the consulate of the traveler's country of origin prior to travel, as well as from his / her country of residence if the latter has been legally entitled to it, for a period of at least one year. It costs around 5000 baht (a little over 160 US dollars), but can also be requested once on site, at one of the various immigration checkpoints.

Achetez ou dupliquez les documents necessaires pour tout type de voyage

Obtain or duplicate any document needed for any type of travel

Compre o duplique cualquier documento de viaje

The Thai multiple entry visa gives the holder the freedom to enter and leave Thailand for 6 months. Nevertheless, although he can stay in Thailand for 6 months, he will have to keep his visa valid; leave the country at least every 60 days. However, tourist visas are only valid for 60 days, although the number of entries remains unclear. However, it has already been reported in several discussion forums four entries by several travelers having lived during this period of 60 days.

This initiative of Thailand was initially set up, in order to favor tourism and in anticipation, to reach each year at least 28 million tourists. And for its first implementation, it allowed in one month an increase of nearly 37% of tourists; almost 2.6 million tourists in one month. It is therefore up to our very great success for Thai tourism as well as for its surroundings.

Indeed, Thai tourism is certainly favored by the tourist visa with multiple entries, but it is also the case of the countries which border to him. With such a visa you have the opportunity to visit not only Thailand, but also Laos, Cambodia, India, Myanmar and Malaysia. Especially since these different countries have some of the most interesting tourist sites that border Thailand.

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