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Thread: Adventure places to visit in Thailand

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    Default Adventure places to visit in Thailand

    Free Diving on Koh Tao
    Climb an Abandoned Skyscraper
    White Water Rafting on the Mae Taeng River
    Off-Road Motorbiking Through the Northern Thai Jungle
    Rappelling in Chiang Mai
    Scuba Dive the Similan Islands

    Adventure things are really best the fun and to increase the quality of time. I would love to add the best thing and teh ventures to enjoy in the Thailand and really hope that w you all will like thsi a lot.
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    There are nice Thailand Tour details but you have not given Thailand Tour package Cost.
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    What about family trips?

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    My family and I love to travel and are already planning a trip to Thailand. And we have a couple of questions. How to get there? Is it possible to get there by train? I love to travel, but my daughter is afraid of flying, and a long trip in the car makes my son sick. I had already decided that our family is doomed and will never be able to travel in comfort. We had to look for the perfect vehicle for traveling long distances. Everything was perfect. The kids enjoyed the ride) Since then, it's our only transportation for family trips.
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    Default Trip

    When my sister and I visited Bangkok, we had a culture shock when we visited this place! One doesn't see a huge reclining Buddha every day. We were very impressed by the floating Market, I've never seen anything like that before. The most intriguing thing is how these products`re lying on the boats and not falling into the water. Another suggestion is to visit Ayutthaya, which is an hour's drive from Bangkok. The place`s perfect for those who love ancient architecture. Also planning our trip, we used the excellent service of in case we needed compensation, or something unpleasant happened before departure. Recommend!

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