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    Post Transportation Guide for Travel in Bangkok

    I'm read some article from website about Bangkok and This is information about transportation Guide for Travel in Bangkok that i think it can help you for Travel in Bangkok and I hope itíll benefit to you, and do apologize if it has any mistake.Thank you ^^

    These are guide that will help you for Travel in Bangkok easily.


    Bangkok is a taxi city; taxi is the most comfortable way to get around Bangkok and prices start at 35 Baht that you should make sure the meter is showing 35 Baht. All taxis are metered but some drivers will try to negotiate a fixed fare with tourists so In this case leave the taxi immediately and find another one.

    After midnight taxis are the most convenient, as the Sky train and Subway do not operate after midnight.

    Motorcycle Taxi

    In the rush hour the motorcycle Taxi are a great for shorter distance that this is helpful especially for accessing the Sky train or the Subway, they are cheap and quick and adventurous.

    Chao Phrya River Express Boat

    Chao Phrya Express boats that run along the river in both directions that runs every 20 minutes, but in the rush hours they run about every 5 minutes. Itís also a fast way to get to the Grand Palace at Ta Chang Pier, and other interesting locations.

    BTS or Skytrain

    The Sky Train is an efficient and convenient way to navigate around the inner city, at a cost low enough to relax and enjoy the ride.

    The BTS can help you Travel in Bangkok easily because The BTS can take you go to the most places of interest in the city. It is an elevated train that runs through the main business districts.

    For the fares depend on the distance you are driving and vary between 15 to 45 baht one way.

    MRT or Subway

    The metro has one line which connects you from the train station hualomphong to Bang Sue. Connecting you to places like the Chatuchak Market in the north of the city. There are interchange stations at Silom and at Asoke where you have the possibility to change from the subway to the Skytrain and the other way around.

    Airport Rail Link (ARL)

    The Airport Rail Link is a sub-urban train service that takes you directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center so when you arrive in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you can take Airport Rail Link that connects you with the city within 15 to 30 minutes depending on which train you take.

    At Makkasan station you can switch to the MRT line and at Payathai station you can switch to the BTS.

    Tuk Tuk

    Tuk Tuks is a motorized three wheeler which is seen all over the city. Your Bangkok trip would be incomplete if you did not ride Tuk Tuks but itís not recommended to use them as a normal form of transport because they have no meter, all the price has to be negotiated that they will mostly overcharge you.


    There is a huge network of public buses in the city and very cheap for Travel in Bangkok, but little English language route information is available and moreover buses in Bangkok have no timetable so if you not have time, it better if you not opt use this way.

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    This is really helpful for the travelers who want to travel Bangkok. it's traveling guide site links.
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    Bangkok is a really nice destination. I visited many times in my life but this first post is most useful for me. I like to say that it is really nice and informative for travelling lovers. I am going to agree with you rohitrgddf! Yours are right says ( helpful for the travelers ).
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    There are nice transportation details. it would helpful for travelers who want to visits Bangkok.
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