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Thread: Thailand safest city?

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    Default Thailand safest city?

    We all are moving to Thailand and want to know which city is safest because some areas in Thai is very dangerous we are bot well aware of these areas you tell me which cities are safe?
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    Hi Friend!
    I also want to visits Thailand so I also want to know good safest place in Thailand.
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    Hey, Buddies first of all i want to correct that Thailand is not a City It is a beautiful country in Asia, I visited there many of the time and had great memories. According to my opinion t is a safe and secure Country. But I also want to know about dangerous places in it.

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    I am agree with you, Casper! You are right. I want to visit again and again visit Thailand. Thailand has many attractions and 'Its a safe destination for travelling lovers I want to get a chance again visit there with my friends and enjoy there a lot.

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