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Thread: Trekking travelling in thailand?

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    Default Trekking travelling in thailand?

    Hello guys,I need some advice just seeking from anyone who has done some travelling in Thailand specially trekking travel i want to know that which place is the best for the trekking travelling...
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    Arjeet, I have good experience of trekking in different places of Thailand. I have been visited this country many times. I also have good experience of trekking there. I am sharing the name of some best trekking spots. I hope you will enjoy there a lot. These are following:
    3-Phu Lang Ka
    5-Kamphaeng Phet

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    Hi Friends!
    I am from India and I am also looking good place for trekking. would you anyone suggest me good places famous for adventure trekking.

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    I like two places for trekking in Thailand, 1-Nan 2-Umphang, don't go for further because it will take to much time just visit these two properly you will have lots of fun.

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